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How Do Memory Care Facilities Work?

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Memory care facilities provide a supportive environment for those seeking help with cognitive functions, social interactions, and memory recall. These facilities aim to create a safe and structured environment that focuses on promoting cognitive functions, maintaining social interactions, and assisting with memory recall. Staff are trained to address the unique needs of those with memory impairments and provide personalized care to enhance quality of life. 

Purpose of Memory Care Facilities

The way we live our lives can greatly affect how our minds age. Through research, we have discovered that engaging in physical activity, keeping mentally stimulated, and socializing with others can delay the onset of dementia and slow its progression.

Although more studies are needed to determine whether intellectual stimulation and socialization can be used as treatments and preventative measures for cognitive diseases, we have identified 3 treatments that have positively impacted cognition and overall well-being in our residents with age-related cognitive impairments. 

Cognitive Function Improvement

Cognitive functions refer to how well a person’s brain functions across several areas, including:

  • Mental function: How you think, learn, and remember.
  • Motor function: How well you make and control movements, like balance.
  • Emotional function: How well you interpret and respond to emotions.
  • Tactile function: How you feel and react to tactile sensations like pressure, pain, and temperature.

In a memory care facility, every aspect of improving these functions is taken seriously, and we take steps to ensure our program improves these areas.

Social Interaction Improvement

Social interaction and physical fitness are key in maintaining the strength and quality of life of those under in memory care. Our All American Assisted Living community offers a selection of daily workouts and equipment for our residents to strengthen any areas that need special care, like bad knees or hips. 

Memory Recall Improvement

Members of our community can often be found playing games. But these aren’t just your typical board games. Instead, they’re tools to help with recall and memory skills. These games are designed to improve verbal, nonverbal, and working memory in those with cognitive impairment. 

Services Offered in Memory Care Facilities

Empathetic Service

One of the most important qualities we look for in our staff is empathy—the ability to listen and understand. Caring for those with memory issues takes a special kind of person, and truly caring about and engaging with our residents are the only ways to make a difference and improve a person’s life.  

Quality of Life Improvement & Maintenance

Everyone is different. Some people are independent and resist moving to a retirement community while others easily adjust to life in a memory care facility. Many enjoy the freedom to choose their daily activities, while others prefer a more rigid and predictable schedule.

Our primary aim is to improve our residents’ quality of life. If someone has many physical ailments, we provide extra care to ensure they receive the best care they can.  

A group of women standing on a yoga mat doing balance exercise in a  memory care facility.

Benefits of Memory Care Facilities

Improved Social Skills

Working with the staff at memory care facilities, participating in group activities, and socializing with others can greatly improve social skills. For individuals experiencing loneliness, actively involving themselves in the social environment provided by a memory care home can help overcome those feelings and foster a sense of connection and companionship.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Though many memory cognition diseases cannot be reversed, they can be stalled through efforts to maintain cognitive function. Memory care facility staff are trained to work with residents experiencing all levels of cognitive decline. The intense care at a memory care home strives to keep your loved one lucid and mentally active as much as possible. 

Memory Recall

Research has shown that memory recall can be enhanced through a specific teaching method. Instead of relying solely on passive observations, interactive and experimental approaches allow individuals to directly engage with the subject matter. By actively participating and interacting with the content, memory recall can improve.

Personalized Care

Sometimes, family members can’t attend to all the needs of their loved ones. Memory care facilities offer lower patient-to-staff ratios, ensuring every community member gets as much individualized attention and care as they need. 

Safety & Security

One of the most important issues families have is knowing that the safety and security of their family member are taken care of. Our communities are secure and the safety protocols ensure that those who tend to wander will be safe inside the building. Residents are carefully watched by the staff and our security team ensures the safety of our residents. 

Find Safety & Better Quality of Life with Memory Care

Memory care is designed to help those adapt and live with conditions that affect the brain. It can be difficult and distressing to experience cognitive decline, but our team at All American Assisted Living at Enfield are specially trained and devoted to caring for those who need the extra help.  Contact us at All American Living at Enfield to take a tour and discover how we can help your loved ones. You will see how our community provides compassionate care and learn what a day in the life of one of our residents entails.

Written by kaplan

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